Sanctuary "Madonna dell'Ambro"


SANCTUARY MADONNA DELL' AMBRO                              

The Sanctuary, in territory of Montefortino, rises isolated between mounts and takes the name from close Ambro torrent, affluent of the Tenna. Especially in summer, for the beauty and suggestion of the place, one records fortissimo afflusso of tourists and pilgrims. Alle origins of the mariano cult in this place is un' apparition, narrated in a lapide behind l' altar of the Madonna with the following words: " In the May of the Thousands the Vergine, town-walls of extraordinary splendor, appeared in this sacred cliff all' humble Santina shepherd, dumb since the birth. The child obtained the gift of the word in prize of the prayers and offering of silvestri flowers that every day it made all' image of the Madonna, mails in the cavity of a faggio". 

  Madonna con Bambino                   Santuario Madonna dell'Ambro

                              Scoglio con statua raffigurante Santina